Wednesday, 30 November 2011

AEDM D30 - The End

 Well, its the last day of AEDM, and its a weird feeling. Its been a fantastic month of creativity, sometimes easy, sometimes frantic, but always fun. Ive painted, sketched, recycled and even written.
Along the way Ive been inspired by some amazing artwork, laughed at hilarious posts and even gone awwwww a couple of times.
Ive had comments and compliments from people whose work is truly wonderful, and whove challenged me to match it, and my side bar is now packed with some wonderful blogs; if you thought you could escape, unlucky I know where you blog!
Its going to be strange not blogging every day, but Ill be signing up for CED to keep me on my toes. 

Finally, before I say farewell and wander off into the quiet little corner again, I have an offer to those who have inspired me, and kept me going. Anybody who would like a 4x4 mini canvas/canvas-board, can email me (Freebird at and I’ll send you one. The three Ive posted here are available (first come first served) or let me have a theme/colour and Ill see what I can do.

Look after yourselves, and Ill see some of you at CED or in your comments box.


  1. Three beauties! You seem to just love this colour!
    It is really rich and sets off nicely your themes here.


  2. It's been fun visiting your blog too, Nigel, and I will continue to do so. Your mini canvas boards look fantastic!

    Congratulations on completing the AEDM challenge!

    ~ Serena :)

  3. Such a wonderful way to round off and end the month. You've echoed my sentiments perfectly!

  4. Those reds make such a wonderful statement - perfect for the end of AEDM!

  5. it's been most enjoyable having you posting so much Nigel!

    I am already one of the lucky ones to have several of your art pieces...

    WHERE DID November go btw!!!

  6. It's been a pleasure to meet you here Nigel. Well done on creating every day too - it's been a blast!

  7. Nigel, such rich colors & sentiments. Keep creating.
    it's been a pleasure to have found you via AEDM.
    (now i must look into this CED as well?!)
    take care

  8. These are great--I've enjoyed meeting you and your blog during AEDM. I've signed up for CED, too--let's keep this creativity ball rolling!!!

  9. What a fun month it's been, congrats on completing aedm! Glad to hear you'll be doing ced. These colors are amazing.

  10. Hi Nigel, You did a great job not only creating everyday but also blogging about it. Thats the hardest part! Off to sign up for CED too. I will look out for you there. Julie

  11. Great job Nigel, big pat on the backs for all of us, was a very strange feeling on Dec 1st but you'll still have me snooping round and I'll probably join you with CED in the new year :) x