Friday, 18 November 2011


Another small offering today as time is limited.

There was some work on the book last night, but it didn't work out (don't worry, the book is unharmed).

This was another quick pencil sketch, but with the added bonus of added colour. I've called it "Northern Skies" as it was inspired by the track below - another section of my musical education, courtesy of the little one. In return she was subjected to Hazel O'Connor "Will you?"


  1. When things don't work out, I just think it is character forming. It is a good thing to be inspired while listening. Not a bad track;)
    Pink sky of sunrise?
    Gwen xx

  2. lol, managed 4 seconds before the rest of the family turned around and gave me a look!

  3. I'm so glad the book is unharmed ;)

  4. for a moment I think Phantom thought I may have gained some cool points hearing that track playing... then she saw it was someone else who had picked it and just walked back out again... so I was cool for all of about a minute... better than nothing... thanks Nigel xx


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