Friday, 9 May 2014

Parental Advisory

 Contains nudity!

But that comes a bit later ;)

First up we have this.
This came from a meditation session a couple of weeks ago.
I had the urge to do this straight away, so borrowed an envelope and a pen to quickly sketch it out.
Unfortunately the envelope turned out to be a bank statement,
so I had to leave it behind; but by sketching it out, it had kind of fixed it in my mind.
I'm quite happy with it, apart from the face (as usual).

Ok, time to move on.

Those of a nervous disposition may be advised to look away now!

Still here?
Don't say you weren't warned....

This was inspired by some of the art being created in the Creative Fire group.
I've drawn or painted figures before, but never tried a nude.
It's not bad for a first attempt, and by using a view from behind I didn't have to worry about the face :)

Unfortunately, it has left me scarred for life.
Not having a volunteer who was willing to pose
I decided to look for a suitable image on Google*.
 Bad move!
There are some things which, once seen, cannot be unseen.
Pass the mind bleach!

*other search engines are available:)