Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I bet you didn't expect it to turn out like this did you? Well, neither did I.  
I was aiming for something bright & bold tied in to threads and history, and instead finished up with something industrial. Maybe I should have listened to Mozart, not Motorhead :)
It looked ok last night, but in the cold light of day I think it's heading for recycling and a layer of gesso.
One more day to go, and then I'll have to find something else to do each day - maybe I'll make a start on the Midwinter/Christmas stuff.


  1. I didn't expect steampunk, but I wouldn't recycle it. I expected something organic!
    Leah is going to do some challenge for December, but it is rather time consuming, so not sure what I'll do. How about you?
    It is the time to make seasonal stuff!
    Have a good day!

  2. I happen to be a fan of steampunk so I like the mechanical elements. It is always fun to re-work though so enjoy!

  3. i still like this Nigel. i guess we all hit that wall once in a while & ask ourselves "where the hell did this come from?!" :-) Have fun with whatever you decide to do with it. It's YOUR creation. Happy AEDM! :-)

  4. I also thought steampunk when I first saw it, I really like steampunk. Leah has a creative every day challenge through out the year and it's only a weekly check in or whenever you feel like. It's very low key.

  5. Several people mentioned steampunk. It's funny--I'm not a fan of steampunk in general, but I really love clock parts and gears. And I really like the brass against the rich deep reds, too!

  6. I'm not familiar with steampunk at all but your piece looks good to me, Nigel. :)

  7. Noooo don't paint over it! If you must paint over any part, then maybe just those papers that aren't red - if it was me I would wash a red over the top so you can still see all the detail. Other than that I certainly wouldn't change a thing! Love all that texture you've got going there.

    Another good option is put it away for a week or two then see what the Muse thinks when you stumble upon it once again...

  8. Don't completely recycle... I kind of like this...and like the steam punky bits... maybe just gesso out part... like use a frame to mask off part... I really like this, and think it is soooo close to being really really amazing!!!

  9. No definitely did not expect it to turn out like that, love it. I do love a good steampunk look :) x