Monday, 31 October 2016

Samhain / Hallowe'en

Light the fires, re-kindle the light
Invite the ancestors to share this night
Remove the locks, unfasten the doors
Let them come, for they are yours
Dearly beloved, living and dead
Join together, break the bread

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


So, last night was just one of those nights where you can't sleep.
And this is the result

Orion rising,
Resplendent in silence.
No cars
No sounds of life in the still night air
Except the distant trains,
The long slow rumble of a freighter
The staccato click-clack of the overnight express
And so it remains
Until the east brightens
And Orion fades.
And I try
Once again
To sleep

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Slow but steady

Here it is, the first thing I've painted in a long time.

In a serendipitous* turn of events I received an invite to an on-line course with the wonderful Tara Leaver, just as I was wondering where to start getting back to my art. The course, entitled Touchstone, is less about how to create, and more about why, when and where - a way to overcome the inner demons, and look at the things that slow you down or stop you.

And this was the result of day one. Not worrying about what I was doing, just slap some paint on to the canvas. It's quick, simple and colourful. And Fun!

*Do you know how many goes I had at spelling that! :)