Friday, 25 October 2013

Just dance

The inspiration for this came from the video at the end of the post.
It was one of those random things that people post on Facebook that really caught my attention.
The music is brilliant, full of life;
this guy is obviously enjoying himself;
and the effect of the light is intriguing.
How could I resist turning it into a journal page?

The only downside is that it reminds me of something
I can't dance.
I'd love to be able to bounce around like that,
or maybe an Argentine Tango,
but sadly nowadays my joints have all the flexibility of a scaffolding pole
(complete with associated creaking noises)
But the good news is,
there's always the armchair boogie
(it's not pretty or elegant but who cares)
Needless to say, in my younger days when I could have done this,
I didn't want to!
George Bernard Shaw was right:
Youth is wasted on the young!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm posting this on a Friday lunchtime instead of a Saturday/Sunday evening, it's because I'm off to haul this decrepit old carcass around the countryside for the weekend.
Have a good weekend,
and if you get the chance


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Even in the quietest moments

there's no deep and meaningful hidden depths for this one
just me playing with a bit of paint in one of my journals
I'm sure that if I tried hard enough
I could find some hidden message from my psyche
buried deep within the lyrics of the song.
But that sounds like hard work
so I'll stick with the playing with paint idea.
maybe I'll do 'deep & meaningful' next time.
but don't bank on it.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Trying to think of a suitably witty title.........

I have a picture mount that's been lurking around for ages
so I figured it was time to do something with it.
It's cheap and cheerful,
and I'm not sure why I bought it,
probably another idea that fell by the wayside.
This is it.

I've been looking at it for a while.
Sneaking up when it wasn't looking,
and hoping to catch an idea when it's guard was down,
but without any luck.

But, I've now figured out what to do with it.
A series of images with female faces.
so I'm going to have to get to grips with doing portraits!
No pressure then!

These are the drafts.
I wonder if you can guess the theme?

I've also altered the other cheapy frame I had
and given it a pewter finish.
This time it's for a friend who needs a bit of a lift.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Yes, I pray*
It's part of my morning ritual.
Up, showered, dressed and more or less awake.
Then a short Reiki session,
fresh water on the altar
a few minutes of quiet contemplation,
and finish with a prayer to my deities.
It sets me up for the day ahead.

The words have developed over the years and are not rigid.
What you see here is the core of it,
but I'll frequently throw in extra bits
ask for help for friends
or a little guidance with something that needs sorting.

Blessed Be isn't something I would normally use,
but in this case it seems to fit the flow of the words,
so that's good enough for me.

The frame started as a cheap pine picture frame.
I think it was 2 for 49p
It's been layered with gesso and black acrylic,
and then a few layers of silver acrylic
applied before the black had dried
to give the pewter effect.

*This may come as a shock to some people!