Thursday, 10 November 2011


Another flying visit to post another quick sketch. There is another piece that I created today, but that will be posted in the morning (for reasons that will become apparent then).

Last night was a wonderful evening, spent with two special friends, full of laughter, but tinged with sadness. In a few days time one of them will be moving to the south coast, and she will be missed by many. For the last two years she has hosted our mediation evenings, and guided us on our exploration of the healing art of Reiki.
This piece is in response to last night, and the last two years.


  1. It sounds like a great night, although it's always sad saying goodbye to friends. Nice sketch.

  2. yet another reason I am drawn to you and your creative ways across the sea Nigel what with talk of meditation...Reiki and more!

    Your hand sketch is brilliant...a wonderful piece of heART!

    sounds like you'll have reasons to visit the south coast!
    p.s. I just had an emergency acupuncture treatment today and my healer also practices Reiki and massage therapy...the total package!

  3. So sad, but you will have all those happy memories. Perhaps you could send this to her as a lovely keepsake.