Thursday, 17 November 2011


Unfortunately last night's meditation was cancelled as everybody else couldn't make it. Good job I didn't rush then ;)

So instead there was more creativity, and extra work on the book.

The tissue at the top was given several coats of clear UTEE to build up a nice thick layer, and then the heat gun turned up full blast so that it melted and ran.
Top Tip: keep your fingers out of the way, because when it drips it's not only hot, it sticks! A bit like cheese does when it's toasted.

Once the top was finished, the bottom received a few layers of embossing - Winter Wonderland and Kaleidoscope, and then a dusting of Kaleidoscope to give some sparkle to the rest of the cover.

Now that I've done all that, I'll cut a hole in it. Hmmmm....  Planning?


  1. Looking very cool. I'm waiting for the UTEE I ordered to arrive so I can start experimenting :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. This page looks sensational as it is. Can't wait to see what emerges next! penny

  3. It is coming on nicely with the texture developing. UTEE is great stuff, very useful!
    Thought Winter Wonderland was your name for the book:) Then I realised!
    It is a very frosty scene you have created, a (white out) sort of winter scene. But we'll have wait and see where you take it.
    Don't you just love the first day of heavy snow when it is blanket-white, a white out?.
    Gwen xx

  4. Wow - some excellent texture showing - can't wait to see what develops! visiting from AEDM

  5. Heavenly textures! This is one incredible book cover!

  6. great progress you're making Nigel

    I often feel that when I am creating it is a kind of meditation

    I cut my holes/niches first before altering my book...and now realize that made things a bit trickier

    anxious for your next steps
    p.s. not rushing you of course ;)

  7. the texture is worth the cheese burns I think.... this will be an amazing cover!!!

  8. The texture is really cool. I think that you could do some really great stuff wit that!

  9. yes I agree, cool texture.

  10. This looks very intriguing! I've learnt about UTEE only recently, but somehow, I'm still too scared of the heat gun thing and all. But I really like the texture, and I'm looking forward to see how you proceed with this!

  11. Creating definitely has its meditating effects, great to see your texture, looking forward to seeing what comes next. Have a great weekend. Amanda
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    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity