Sunday, 2 March 2014


A couple of pieces which have come from the challenges on Tara's Creative Spark course. The idea is to take two emotions and create a design using colours that you associate with them.

The first is fear & hope,
although fear is maybe too strong a word,
apprehension maybe?
It's inspired by a conversation about colour, and the fact that I really struggle with purple. Whenever I try to work with purple it normally comes out dull and lifeless, so I tend not to use it. White is similar. It's great as a background, or the odd highlight, but I can never get any detail or depth without it turning grey.
So feeling apprehensive, but hopeful, I applied brush to canvas and came up with this. Still not sure about the purple, but quite pleased with the white feather :)

Next up, joy & loss.
This started off as a collage experiment, using a day's worth of post-it notes (plus a couple I wrote specifically for this). I had a vague idea about memories and post-its seemed to fit. Yellow is my 'happy' colour ( I would love a yellow hippy van) and one I use regularly, along with orange and red. I needed something to contrast with it, so chose loss/heartbreak; and purple seemed to be the ideal colour to use, so I finished up with two pieces, with my least favourite colour, which I actually like.
I guess I'm on a role!