Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Another day of running around like a loon. Dinner was at 8.30 - a bag of chips!

The good news is, I still managed to get something arty done.

The Calanais stone has had it's first ink wash, followed by a whitewash for the sky.

Still a way to go before I'm really happy with it, and maybe next time the pics will be in focus!


  1. chips yum! I really like how this is coming along, nice washes. (I wonder who my tree spirit reminded you of) lol!

  2. At least you are getting to fit in a little painting Nigel... better than none... hope you can carve out some time soon xx

  3. Nigel, this is going to be a wonderful piece. I like the composition too and I can't wait to see more.

  4. Looking good Nigel :) Only 22 days left!

  5. It is coming on beautifully and the atmosphere is deepening. It has a lovely eerie quality to it, almost as if night is approaching.

    (Thank you for your amzing comment!)

    I am being cheeky now, but in a way I wish you had done two of these. I say this because I can't help loving it at the day 6 stage...the light at that point, is so striking.

    I love watching how works develop and I look forward to your next stage on this piece :)
    Oh, I love chips too:)
    If you have another hectic day, leave some time to carry on with your canvas.
    Gwen xx

  6. Just noticed you are following my blog, thanks. Can't follow anyone at the moment due to technical hitch but I am collecting some interesting blogs for my blog list and yours is there.