Thursday, 1 December 2011


This isn't a new piece. It was created a while back for the last Cubby Hole challenge, so I've been keeping it on hold until it had gone on the Cubby Hole Blog.
AEDM may be finished, but I've signed up to CED and I'm hoping to keep going with something most days. Last night was some basic prep work on canvas and tags, so nothing to show at the moment. Providing my current flare-up goes away I'll get something finished tonight.



  1. Is this piece a jounal or book cover or a banner?
    I think with CED it is a push to get on with things, so it's a really good one to sign up for/to.

  2. what is this Nigel? is it hand painted or digital?
    Love the twirls & dots in the background.
    (but i'm a sucker for dots...)
    happy to have you on CED! :-)

  3. Gwen / Pauline, it's a canvas, painted and stencilled with acrylics. The letters are heavy duty card.

    For some reason the image doesn't open at full size...


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