Sunday, 13 November 2011


Nearly at the halfway stage and still going strong, although Blogger is trying its best to make it awkward.

3 things to show for AEDM today.

First up is a project for a friend. The lady in the photo is her grandmother, and she wanted the picture mounting in a frame. She didn't mention that the frame was round!
Fortunately BoBunny have a couple of round 12x12 sheets, including the clock-face featured here. there's also a little bit of burgundy paper & ink to lift it slightly.

Next up is the canvas from Day 7, now with some detail on the figure. I'm quite happy with the way it has come out, apart from the face (what a surprise). One more step and it will hopefully be complete.

The last item is the painting from from Day 6 & 8. I've given it another green wash around the stones to try and tone down the blue, but I think I should have diluted the ink more, it's gone too dark, and a lot of the detail has been lost. I'll probably have a play and see what I can do with it, but I have a feeling it may end up being recycled into another piece of art. Oh well, live and learn :)


  1. Your friends grandmother turned out wonderfully...the clock is a perfect border!

    If you feel you need it, I find gesso is the answer to lots of my art issues often giving a mysterious layer to what I've created ;)


  2. This discipline of doing something every day is tough but we're all coming up with so much! The standing stones look really atmospheric now. Perhaps your idea of a little light will really add to the magical mood!

  3. I hope you don't recycle the last piece, I really like it, I think it has a nice moodiness to it.

  4. oh no, don't recycle it (she echoes!), I like it too!!! Three great pieces here. Well done on the framing, the clock is fabulous around the image :)

  5. ps I never have issues with blogger and I wonder if it's because I use google chrome and not IE or Firefox - just something a friend mentioned

  6. Great creations, I love your ingenuity with the round frame, thanks for sharing :) x

  7. you are coming up with so much work, and I like the way the clown is progressing... i used to have lots of problems with blogger until I changed to google chrome... life is much easier now and everything runs so smoothly xx

  8. It's a lovely frame and you should definitely paint more!

  9. Your friend will be so thrilled to receive such a beautifully personalised creation.
    Leo is looking good and the stone piece does have bags of atmosphere. Busy bee, or what? Nice work!
    Gwen xx


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