Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Nothing has been created today, but something has been assembled.
I spent last night looking after somebody who is ill, so only had a couple of hours sleep. As a result, today has been tired (and covered in dog-hair) so creativity wasn't going to be much. However...
Earlier this year we had a workshop at the Cubby Hole with Sarah Anderson where we made a field journal from old book covers, cardboard, string, napkins and other scraps. It became another of my UFOs; so today I dug it out, finished off the cover and another page and tied it all together.

And now, I'm off to sleep, perchance to dream...


  1. I like this Nigel. hope you have a beter night tonight.
    Suzi B

  2. I love the swallows page... so simply beautiful... hope you get lots of sleep tonight xx

  3. I like everything about this: the construction, the pages and the images. I don't have a favourite part. I think I can see something that looks like a sheet of mica behind the bramble leaves. (I am just inking up a sheet and I think that's what it could be.)
    {{Brambles have beautiful flowers!}}

  4. LOVE! Love. love, love, love! Great creation (or assembling) Thanks for sharing, Jennibellie x

  5. ok, that blue page is fabulous... "the swallows arrive for the summer".
    GREAT work Nigel!
    Hope you got the sleep you needed. xox

  6. ooo this is such a treasure!

    having a very nice time catching up with you and your creativity Nigel!

    but very soon I must be off to dream in the land of nod (almost 1:30am here in Virginia)