Friday, 22 June 2012

Abandoning Art

Don't panic, I'm not giving up creating stuff.  What do you mean "that's a pity"!

There is a new group over on Facebook (I knew FB had to be useful for something), inspired by this idea by Michael deMeng. In the space of a few days there's already over 3000 artists & crafters who have signed up. There's art being abandoned all over the place, and a few of the finders have responded to an email address with some wonderful stories. If you like the idea you'll find the FB group here. You'll need to request admittance before you can see the group, or ask me for an invite.

These are the 3 pieces that I've abandoned this week at various points. The note with them reads:

This piece of art has been abandoned in the hope that it will bring a smile to whoever finds it; and that’s you! 
If you like it, take it home with you
It’s part of a project by artists & crafters around the world to spread a little happiness.
There’s no catch and no obligation to do anything other than enjoy it.
If you feel like it you could let us know what happened to it by emailing: ------

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Morrigan

I'm not the world's greatest artist when it comes to faces (but getting better) so when it came to getting a picture of The Morrigan I knew exactly who to ask :)

Please take a minute to go and have a look at the original here, and find out a little more about a talented artist and friend :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


* Imaginative title No' 378

In case you're wondering, I'm still around, and there is creativity going on - I just can't show most it yet as it's for the Great Cubby Hole Exhibition next month, aka "Celebrating the Diversity Again". Which is a pity as it's really, really impressive. Well, it impressed me, so that's good enough. 

I've had a couple of weekends away in the van with friends; one of which was wet, and the other wasn't. Both enjoyable though.

The eye is the result of one of the tasks on the Wright Brain eCourse, focusing on looking and drawing what you see. It may possibly be the basis for one of my exhibition pieces.
Or maybe not.
Come along and find out :)