Friday, 25 November 2011


Late to the party again...

There has been creating, but nothing to post (workshop demo piece which is staying under wraps) and bits of prep. So instead I'm going to do the writing thing again (it seems that people actually like it!).
This may be a journal page by the end of tomorrow - watch this space.

It was still dark outside, but some of the birds were already awake. I staggered downstairs to make a brew, and stood by the open door, listening to the dawn chorus.
No man made noise, nothing but the sound of the birds preparing to welcome the coming day.
I went and sat with the patio doors open; tea in hand and the dog by my side, listening to the change in the chorus as the sky brightened beyond the trees.
At first all I could hear were thrushes and blackbirds, each trying to outdo the others, but as the light increased so did the volume, as one by one other voices were added to the line up.
First the robin, punctuating the vocal duel with his call from the depths of the shrubs.
Then the doves and pigeons adding their bass line from the fence.
Still the thrushes could be heard from the tops of the birches, but now new voices were added, as the rooks and the crows roused from their slumbers in the old oaks.
Finally the first rays of the sun shone out, and with them came a crescendo of noise, as the less talented singers joined in, the sparrows chirping from the gutters, starlings bickering on the TV aerials and the magpies squawking on the lawn.
I sat at peace with the world, enjoying a symphony of celebration for the coming day, knowing that nothing man-made could ever match mother nature’s own sound and light show.


  1. See! You do still think about 'birds and things', unless you wrote this a long time ago;)
    I often see pink dawn skies from a window, but seldom get out there to really listen. Must get up earlier:)

  2. Of course we like it (though can't help being intrigued re: what's under wraps - what workshop is this??). I do love your writing but every line I read I feel that dreaded feeling in my stomach at my terrible sentence structure for Nanowrimo, do not compare Jennibellie, it is not a contest lol boo hoo :( nevertheless, we love it so keep it coming :) x

  3. This is my kind of morning! But I guess I need to start getting up earlier ;) It would be interesting to see you turn this into a journal page.

  4. you write quite beautifully Nigel and of course we like it... I immediately smiled and thought goodie when I read you were posting some writing... made my morning !!!

  5. love the writing, Nigel.
    And i could so see this as a journal page.
    Being late to the party doesn't mean you have any less to offer. :-)

  6. Beautiful writing, Nigel! I get up early every morning and one of my favourite things to do is sit quietly and listen to the birdsong. It makes me feel at peace. :)

  7. WOW had me mesmerized...spellbound and connected to nature all at the same time

    YES...your artistic talents include writing too!

    Love your painting above...the shadow figures are brilliant

    we've just returned from some communing with nature having enjoyed beautiful starry night skies city lights to blur the view