Saturday, 19 April 2014

Some things aren't meant to be

Remember this from my last post?
Well, no matter what I did it just got worse,
and it still looked like a bloke in drag.
In the end I dug out the gesso,
but couldn't really hide the underlying ugliness,
and the fineliner kept bleeding through.
So really there was only one option,
and that was to go to the dark side!
What emerged from the black and red was this
Much better :)
Make Art Not War is by Shepard Fairey
And the whole thing was inspired by
Spandau Ballet
Through the barricades

Friday, 4 April 2014


I figured it was time to post up some of the stuff I've done recently,
most of which has been part of Tara's course,
and outside my usual comfort zone!

First up is this one.
 Painted with an old membership card and some clingfilm.
I did use a brush for the words though.

More card painting,
and some stuck on wordy bits this time.

And then there's this.
 This is the biggest canvas I've ever worked on,
3' x 2'
which was a little daunting to start with,
but then quite liberating.
The lettering has now been removed as I don't like it.

And last of all, there's this.
Not really sure about this.
It's ok, but the face isn't brilliant,
and she looks more like a he.
It may be reworked,
time will tell.

And that's it really.
Life carries on,
Good days,
bad days.
But spring is here and summer's on the way
so who knows what will happen next?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

One sock on, one sock off

Pale ghostly shapes ride the currents
gulls, slipping and sliding through the air
on sharp edged wings

The crows gamble and play
dark raggedy wings flexing and twisting
to counter the ever-changing eddies

Pigeons battle headlong, buffeted by constant blasts
driven by the need to feed
like grey suited commuters

It's another blustery day in spring

*If you're wondering about the post title,
these words came as I looked out of the bedroom window, 
part way through getting ready for work.