Tuesday, 15 November 2011


The book continues.

For those who can see a face, sorry to disappoint you but it's just a trick of the light (even if I can see it too).

Today I've added some extra 'texture' to it at top & bottom. It's a favourite medium of mine - tissue or kitchen roll, dipped in diluted PVA and slapped on the page. You can mix paint into it of you want, but I haven't bothered as it will be painted over, embossed, and more. It's messy, but fun :)

Busy day tomorrow, so it's got plenty of time to dry.

I expect tomorrow will be a ten minute art break.


  1. Stalactites?

    Only ten minutes...arrrghh!

    I 'discovered' tissue and glue, or thought I had; only to find out everybody already knew about it....!

    Isn't texture delicious...couldn't you just eat it.....?

    Yesterday I could see arms and hands, today I can see her head.

    Looking forward to the next stage....being a bloke you might choose dark colours or pink. Just joking!

    Gwen x

  2. I cant see the face ...yet. But I am definitely intrigued by it. Seriously..tissue, as in kleenex. Cool...I have never tried that, but you know I am going to now. Thanks for that! Julie

  3. I have to try this Nigel... sounds like fun and a good mess really lakes my creative day xx