Saturday, 5 November 2011


The Plan

Nip in to town for a quick bit of shopping, call at Cubby Hole to see if there are any web updates required (and check for new goodies), then return home and have a crafty day.

The Reality

Leave at 10am, return at 5.30pm.

There has been some creativity, but it's mostly ideas for workshops/events at the Cubby Hole.
Also prepared 2 canvases (which I do have plans for). I used to struggle with picking colours for backgrounds, so now I dump the tubes in a pile, close my eyes and pick 2 or 3 at random. It's worked so far :)


  1. That's a fantastic idea (closing of eyes and just picking out a tube) I might give this a go next time I'm stuck (which is a lot but always push myself to make a damn decision). Love this post, the plan then the reality sections gave me a giggle, thanks so much for sharing, much love Jennibellie xx

  2. OH, I really like your idea for picking background would certainly save procrastinating over it.

    It's amazing how fast the days fly by. I often have big creative days planned too but distractions or procrastination often have other plans for me.

    I'm keen to see what you do with these canvas pieces, Nigel.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. That si a great idea for picking background colours... takes all the stress out of it... I know myself well enough to know that I would cheat though xx

  4. it happens! preparation is something too, so keep at it :)

  5. Your random-choice background idea is fantastic AND gutsy.

    Honestly, ask around! Most people haven't the fortitude to move ahead with "random" picks. Good for you!

  6. who IS that masked man!

    great technique letting the universe pick your colors for you and I agree it's working beautifully!

  7. Hi Nigel,
    Just dropping by here to thank you for the comment. Manic? Who me?Thats my favorite personality trait. I probably need to meditate. Anyhow enjoy your 10 min pencil sketches and love your random color picking. Both pieces of great advice:) look forward to hearing more from you at AEDM