Friday, 30 November 2012

AEDM Final day

 Before I get on to today's post,
I'd like to send a big thank you to Leah for hosting another wonderful AEDM,
and also to those who've joined in and made it worth while.
I hope to see some of you wandering around blogland in the future.

I promised you that today's post would be slightly different, and it is.
Instead of being the artist, I am the art.
I've been rattling around the planet now for fif*cough* years;
and for the last couple of years I've promised myself that when the time was right
and certain things had come to pass, I'd have a tattoo to mark the occasion.
Well, those things have come to pass, and the time is right, so I've spent an hour getting needled.
If nothing else, it's got to increase my street-cred with my kids ;)

(If you're wondering about the design, go and have a look at day 1)


  1. OUCH!!! Nice design though:)

  2. LOVE the tattoo! I have a triskele just like that on my lower back (a tramp stamp I think they call them nowadays lol) - I want to perch a raven on mine now :D

  3. Oui, that IS a fresh tat!

    Love the design, and that you've completed a journey (certain things have come to pass)!

  4. I have just a short time to take a breath in between busy days... time to visit your blog and admire your art (and tattoo! Wowzah boy, how hip and modern you are now!)
    I love the AEDM takes - seriously, every day? I wish I had had the time for that... but you'll be happy with what I did instead - take an eye on the FEATURING website ;)

  5. you are now too cool for school.. Phantom said cool... so that is two cools in one month... a new record ... I hope it wasn't too painful... and it looks fab... xx

  6. Wonderful tattoo ~ love the design ~ I have a small butterfly on my right ankle and I watched them do it and didn't hurt a bit ~ enjoy the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. Awesome! I really love the design and it's so great that it was your own idea. Crows and ravens are very special to me. :)