Monday, 12 November 2012

AEDM day 12

This is inspired partly by last week's Reiki share.
After we had finished and I was on my own again, I chilled out and put on a CD whilst I had a play with ink & paper. The CD was Canto Gregoriano by The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos, which I've had for donkey's years. 
Gregorian chant was the 'latest big thing' in the early nineties, for people to chill to, until it was replaced by another 'latest big thing'. There are probably thousands of copies of this gathering dust at the back of people's CD collections, along with Enigma and Mr Blobby
(if you don't know what that is, be thankful).
Anyway, as I was saying, I put the CD on, and was happily inking away, when the thought came to me that this beautiful, soulful music comes from a place that would normally be associated with solemnity, restraint and dullness (monastic orders are known for their spartan, reserved life-styles; not their psychedelic tie-dye skills).
And so this page was born, a grateful nod to the beauty of the serene music that originated within cold grey stone walls.


  1. My husband likes listening to the Gregorian chants. It would be a pity if many CDs are gathering dust but I am afraid you are right! Patsy

  2. The gray and brown are so fabulously contrasted with the rainbow of music! I love it!!

  3. I love how much detail you put into your pieces. This page is gorgeous, Nigel!