Friday, 23 November 2012

AEDM Day 23

Clouds scud swiftly in a leaden sky,
leafless trees bend and bow,
whilst pigeons shelter in their skeletal arms;
and all the while,
the crows dance and gambol
and ride the wild wind.

Just a flying visit for now. There may be more later.


  1. I love flying birds. It looks a bit like you planted a seed and something bigger is coming up. Have a happy Friday:)

  2. love your poem... just flying by myself! hehe xo L.

  3. Wonderful poem and sketch ~ Soar! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. Great poem and sketch. It would be fab if you joined us at Paint Party Friday one day.

  5. Very essence-capturing and timely words..nice:)
    We cut down a big tree, (had no choice) and now very confused wood pigeons sit on the nearby fence wondering what has happened to their world. ( Where have our skeletal arms gone to?)
    We did wait though,until they had finished nurturing a very late brood.
    The tree will be replaced with something a tad more approproate in size:)