Wednesday, 21 November 2012

AEDM Day 21

Blimey, we're 2/3 of the way through AEDM and still going strong (even if I did miss a day).
Today it's back to the journal, although I have done a little on the angel canvas.

As some of you will know, a while back I was diagnosed with heart failure.*
It's not the end of the world, it just means that my medicine cabinet now has something more interesting than Rennies and Paracetamol in it;
and I have to make a couple of changes to lifestyle and diet.
Don't worry, wine is allowed!
Anyway, one of the symptoms is that occasionally my heartbeat doesn't quite feel right, sort of fluttery. I've kept quiet about it at work, but a couple of people know, and to stop too many questions, if I'm feeling a bit under the weather, it's become known as "a touch of the flutters";
which just had to become a journal page, so here it is :)

*No sympathy required, just filling in the background
If you want sympathy, go and see the padre.


  1. I like your "heart flutters". But I do hope you have a very good heart specialist - and am saying prayers for you.

  2. Wonderful creation and so good for healing ~ sending you distant reiki healing ~ take care of you ~ you are precious commodity ~ day at a time is how I try to live ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. I quite like the term touch of the flutters... not terribly manly though... maybe we need to change it to something more befitting your masculine self... touch of the flutters indeed...xx

  4. Makes every day more precious. Keep well.

  5. Sorry about the flutters. Good news about the wine, though! I propose a healing and fewer flutters!