Sunday, 2 December 2012

23 days to go.....

.....and all my Christmas presents are made! 

AEDM seems to have certainly fired up my mojo.
These are the last two presents (youngest daughter & her girlfriend)
as well as another rugby canvas for a friend who wanted to pinch the one I'd made before.

On top of that I've baked,
bottled my Solstice Brew
and started planning the Midwinter Feast
which came to a shuddering halt when I got to dessert.

Anybody have a dessert recipe which is:
not too complicated,
doesn't include dairy produce,
or alcohol,
or chocolate,
or banana
and preferably can be made in advance!


  1. Fruit salad without the banana:) Can't really be made ahead but so easy you don't need to!

  2. I'm sure your daughter and friends will enjoy their lovely presents. How about a batch of cookies - shortbread?


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