Monday, 19 November 2012

AEDM Day 19

Another day where life didn't go as planned, interruptions and distractions aplenty, but there has been some creativity.

I've been able to add some detail to the canvas I started on Day 2. There's still a way to go yet, but it's taking shape. It's mostly detail work now, especially the face and hands, which will probably take forever, but it will get there.

The lady in the picture is Brigid or St Brigid, depending on your viewpoint. It will be a Christmas present for a friend.


  1. It is a blessing to even have a few minutes to enjoy your art....keep up the great work.

  2. Yes I understand about the distractions of life getting in the way of art! Wow this is very magical and powerful, and I love everything about Brigid/St. Brigid.

  3. Indeed - a little at a time equals lots of artwork each year - well done!

  4. that branch at the front is simply wonderful... and this will be a great gift... looking forward to seeing it finished... and like the composition as well...xx