Tuesday, 27 November 2012

AEDM Day 27

Another piece which has come to a (reasonably) succesful completion.
I'm not completely happy about the hand, or the face; but as a beginner with faces I'll accept it for new and move on. I'm sure there'll be more practice somewhere down the line.


  1. Hi Nigel. It is very good, with deep and strong meaning. It is very powerful.

  2. Beautiful quality of light and wonderful choice of colors. Love the juxtaposition of the green against the red and oranges. Very intriguing image.

  3. This has turned out really well. It has such a powerful light source.
    I always find faces easier to draw if the nose points to the right. Can't draw left-facing faces, I have to trace them:)
    Have fun!

  4. I like the hand .. can see what you mean about the face but still 100% + better than what I could draw. It's a great composition Nigel...PS. has the invites got lost in the post heheh xx

  5. Hands and faces aren't my favourites to draw... give me something inanimate any day... I love the strong light source to this and think you are being a bit tough on yourself regarding the rest...xx

  6. I think she's lovely!