Tuesday, 20 November 2012

AEDM Day 20

Another canvas for a friend, and another spiritually inspired piece.

I have a rough idea where this is heading, and hopefully by time I've got the wings in place (rather than the current rough sketch) I'll have the rest of it figured out.

Out of curiosity, does anybody else paint 'blind' (so to speak)?
I need glasses for close work (less than 3') but I sometimes find it helpful to work without them, especially on backgrounds or for drafts.
I find that it stops me fixing on details, and instead work on the structure. It's especially good when doing under-painting as it reduces things down to dark & light.


  1. LOL although I don't purposely work blind I can, like you, work on the first stages of backgrounds without my glasses. Can be a shock/disappointment/nice surprise when you put them back on though:)

  2. Your burst of sunshine and the wing is feeling very celestial. Can't wait to see where you take it! I did paint blind last week- I closed my eyes and went to town. It was very relaxing but I am glad I can use my eyes when I choose. I hadn't thought of trying the glasses thing- I think that could work quite well for me with my eyesight.

  3. I am so insanely blind that without glasses I can't find the canvas... if I painted blind I would end up giving Mushu a coat... or the wall... or me knees... then again maybe it could be fun!!!! Love the background and will be excited to see where this goes...xx