Thursday, 29 November 2012

AEDM Day 29

Almost there, just one day to go.
And you don't want to miss tomorrow's post as it will be something completely different...........
In the meantime, back to today.
This is the latest spread in Sian's one-to-one Attitude journal.
She sent it to me with the background colours and border already in place.
As soon as I saw that quote, (bottom left) I knew where I was going with this.
The quote has been modified slightly in response to Plebgate*
Apologies to those who are offended by the picture on the left hand page**

For the enlightenment of overseas readers....

*Plebgate - also known as The Downing Street Bicycle Incident

**The smarmy ***** pictured is (unfortunately) our current Prime Minister.


  1. Politicians are smarmy the whole world over aren't they... this made me laugh... visual pollution and all ... teaming with The Yardbirds was a stroke of genius...xx

  2. Hahah this politician is particularly smarmy and I am not offended at all indeed you have made me smile! And I love the vibrancy of the backgrounds!

  3. great collaboration... very clever!

  4. I could never be offended by such fun - esp. if it is a politician we're laughing at! Love the boldness!