Sunday, 4 November 2012

AEDM Day 4

If I said "mediæval music" what would you think of?

Maybe some wonderfully harmonised choral pieces by the Mediæval Bæbes?
Or folksy type ballads by Blackmore's Night?
Perhaps you went for sacred choral chants sung by hooded monks.
All very wonderful music, and quiet relaxing in their own way.

Turn It Up! isn't about relaxing music, it's about volume!*
Allow me to introduce Corvus Corax, a German group of very talented musicians who are the mediæval equivalent of heavy metal.
Whilst the Bæbes and co were trying out for "Britannia haveth talent",
Corvus would have been headlining "Ye Olde Download Feftival".

Turn it up, and enjoy!

and a clip of a live performance (keep still if you can).

*For new readers, Turn It Up! is a collaborative journal between myself and Sian at Live-Scrap-Love. Sian's journal is Attitude!


  1. I like the first piece better; the second one is a little lively for me, but i must say i do like the bagpipe sound...reminds me of course of BonniE Scotland!
    Good shadows on your painting:)

  2. oooo ... I can't wait to click "play" as I love exploring! My first thought was "Gregorian chant" when you said "mediæval music" because my Dad used to play it on the family stereo when I was a kid.

    I'm bookmarking this post so I can play later when the menfolk and the football game are gone. ;)

  3. Been reading back posts and i was stuck on slug cake, never heard of it and can't imagine why it is called that!

  4. Phantom is going to love this... she is big into Russian chants at the moment and I would quite like a bit of a change of pace when she is blasting them out... better than bieber or something I suppose....just clicked on the link.... she is going to drive me nuts with this.... think I may need to keep it to myself lol xx

  5. Oh how wonderful! I came across them some years ago (while studying Old and Middle English) and I'm sure I still have one of their CDs somehwere at home. So nice to hear them again.