Wednesday, 28 November 2012

AEDM Day 28

Another quick burst of silliness today.
Not much chance to create as I've been busy with Life™.
I've even included the tools of the trade for this one ;)


  1. Looks like my cat. I love it. I love cats. so simple and nice

  2. adorable. He/ she has that naughty look in its eye like they nearly all do.
    When I refused to feed mine on demand one day (he is very bossy), he knocked over 5 wine glasses and only managed to break 4 of them...he did it on purpose just to get back at me ...

  3. very cute... and exactly what my cat seems to be saying all the time!

  4. lol, it really looks like one of my cats and that's just what he'd be thinking too!