Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 6

Well, the die didn't get swapped. It looks like it's my cuttlebug shim that's at fault.
I did get to have an in-depth conversation about whether the upcoming artisan market should be called something else, in case people don't understand what it is. Watch this space for future updates.
It's been another day of doing bitty stuff, but things have been accomplished and there has been art.
This is the start of a dog portrait.
The grid is to help get the basic shape and the main light/dark areas.
Tomorrow (when I'm a little more awake) I'll start to work on detail and shading.
If it works out, I may even have a go at doing a person portrait!

And now I'm off to tour the blogs, armed with beer, olives and breadsticks.
Livin' the dream ;)


  1. Looking forward to seeing this progress--and I like the sound of blog browsing with beer, olives, and breadsticks--yum!

  2. Nigel, it is so good to see you back in action...creating and blogging. Your dog is off to a great start. Your sketch exhibits real skill and talent.