Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 16

A slightly odd day today. There has been creativity, but it was work related (No, I didn't smuggle in my sketchbook).

At the moment I'm still working part time, this week is 3x five hour days, but I'm not actually doing the 5 hours due to physio appointments and so on, so I brought some work home with me.
Yes, yes, I know, should be taking it easy etc., but this was something that would take about an hour and would make my life (and other people's) easier in the long run.

In the end I finished up spending about four hours on it, and finished up with a whole new process; database updated, new templates, new work instructions written and all fully documented. And you know what, I really enjoyed it. It was good to actually get my brain working on something that required logic and process*.
Now, before you start thinking I've turned into a workaholic I can tell you that this really isn't normal for me. Whilst I'm not a clock-watcher, I treasure my free time and if my employer wants me to work extra hours it will cost them. There is a lot of my job that I enjoy; the chance to problem solve, to create new ways to work things and then work out how to communicate it to the rest of the team and there's also parts I could do without (the negativity of certain people mostly).

Anyway, enough of that. You'll be glad to know that there was also a little artistic creativity and here's the finished, correct-way-up notebook. 

*For those who don't know me (and even some of those who do), I'm ex-army (23 years) and my background is engineering. I've only been creating artistically for a short while (about 5 years).


  1. that book is lovely. worth waiting for.

  2. Well done ! Both work and Art. I love the book. Creativity is a series of problem solving. You fit right in. Looks like you have been artistic a lot longer than 5 years.
    I am sure your efforts are appreciated on the job.
    I know they are appreciated here.

  3. ...and i am oh so happy you dared to give your "creative" side a voice. i'd love to touch these notebooks with my fingertips. The texture looks so cool. Really good to catch up with you here. xox

  4. I love books, your's turned out great, the texture looks really interesting. And I think it's great that you set up a challenge for yourself, I really like giving myself challenges. Your half way through ;)