Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 17

I've done it!
I've finally got myself into gear and started putting together a lesson plan for Reiki training.
It still needs a lot of work, and a lot of detail adding,
but at least when I do attunements I'll be using my own words and my own style,
and not just copying from somebody else's notes.
Originally I was just going to re-word what I was given when I was learning,
but fate has a habit of sticking a fork in the spokes of the wheel
and it's given me a strong reason to do my own thing.

Several people have commented favourably on the handmade journal,
so I've decided to make more and see if I can sell them at the craft fair in October.
I'll also be sending a couple out to people on the blog list.
As a result I've been playing today, and getting messy,
Glue, texture paste and bits of card and material.
Here's a couple of samples

Last but not least,
there's two new blogs that have sprung up that you need to keep an eye on.

My little sister who does amazing stuff with a sewing machine,

and my cousin who is a talented artist, and is also slightly mad!


  1. Thanks for the mention and for anyone who doesn't know me I'm the little sister not the mad cousin....

  2. Always best to do your own thing. You will then deliver it more confidently and be proud of your achievement!
    Then someone else may one day use your words which will give you another boost.
    (that's the theory anyway)

  3. gosh it is a messy hobby but I bet they are gonna look amazing when finished.

  4. These look lovely sure they will be a hit at the Craft Market!

  5. I'd buy one of your tree journals, Nigel! :)