Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 14

Well, there has been creativity today.
And I should be showing you the wonderful, finished journal.
The signature has been assembled from some nicely random pieces of paper.
The covers have been lined with some suitably colour co-ordinated fabric.
Everything has been carefully stitched and glued together.

And then I turned it over and realised I'd put the front cover on upside down.

There were words.
Interesting words.
Which can't be repeated here as this blog doesn't have an 18 rating!

Pass the wine!


  1. oh I'll bet there were words. I have had to use those words a few times myself. I wish I had a dollar for every time I did something upside-down. The Art gods must be amused.
    Can't wait to see the upright version.

  2. I think we have all done that one.

  3. would these words have rhymed with duck, bell and white? oh well gives you something to do today :)


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