Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 10

Woohoo, double digits and still going :)

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do today, as several of my art ideas will be long term,
and I can't post them without spoiling the surprise for some people.
But no worries, fate lent a hand.
I was rummaging through the drawer* looking for a piece of magnet (which I'm sure I had but now can't find), when I came across two sets of these which have been languishing for a long time in a corner of the drawer*, so decided to sketch them.
If you knew instantly what they are, give yourself a geek/nerd point.
If you don't know what they are, stay tuned and you'll find out when I post the finished item.

In other news;
no exercise today, I'm saving myself for the visit to the physioterrorist tomorrow,
but there has been baking (orange & sultana cake)
and I've finally restored the Reiki room back to its normal role,
rather than a guest room.

*The drawer  - everybody has one. It's the drawer full of stuff that you never use, like chargers, cables and so on but daren't throw away because as soon as you do, you'll find the thing that it charges/connects.


  1. I've got a couple of those drawers.

  2. only one of those drawers? i'm ashamed to say that i can think of at least two....and that doesn't include the Drawers of Random Art Bits That I'm Sure I'll Need Some Day....



  3. Go Nigel! Those things look vaguely familiar but I'm afraid I didn't make the geek list. I think it's fabulous that you thought to show us THE drawer. Like Mel, I have more than just one myself. You made me laugh out loud with the physioterrorist comment.