Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 1

And so it begins............

I've done something foolish, I've set myself a challenge* (it seemed like a good idea at the time).
I've been off work for two months whilst I convalesced, and in that time I managed to do a couple of journal pages (because I had to) and a couple of pieces for the Diversity exhibition. 
Other than that I did very little. I read a bit, the odd bit of baking, and the daily walks, but mostly I've faffed about on the computer or......., well that's about it actually.
Now, there's nothing wrong with not doing stuff from time to time, but it's become a bit of a habit.
I'm back at work now, but it's a phased return, so just a few hours a day for the next few weeks
(and not even every day yet) so I've set myself things to do until I'm back to working a five day week;
such as putting together some lesson plans for Reiki teaching, getting back to the tarot, and so on.
There's seven things on the list, and I'm aiming to do four a day.
Two of those four will be creating and blogging.
I should be back to a five day week in September, so excluding camping trips, I've got about four weeks.
If I can do it for AEDM, then why not now?
(Feel free to nag me if I don't keep up)
I've also taken a look at myself, and what's happened over the last 2 months.
As a result there's been a change in priorities;
some things are being discarded, and others given more importance.
The same goes with people; a select few have confirmed why I trust them,
some have been conspicuous by their absence
and a couple are on the wrong side of a burning bridge.
Anyway, before I bore you all with my ramblings, here's today's offering.
This is inspired by three friends who I get to meet up with on my trips down to Somerset for the Exmoor Pagan camps. Unfortunately I missed the May camp due to the op, and had to cut the August one short as I wasn't well enough to stay for the whole weekend.
The Three Witches
Watercolour & Gouache, 8x8 art journal page.
Today's other activity includes baking, and digging the bike out of the shed and and actually riding it!

*Apart from the urge to get going again, this is also inspired by recent posts by other people here in blogland, including Tracey Fletcher King, Jenniebellie, Tara Leaver, Dandelionlady, The Wright Stuff, Pauline Leger, and Palma Rea. 


  1. I agree that it's totally okay to goof off sometimes. I also know all too well how hard it can be to get back on track! Making the decision to start is probably the hardest part. Your colors in this piece are really beautiful, Nigel, and it's great that friends inspired it. Best of luck to you as you work on that "to do" list!

  2. This is wonderful, Nigel. I'm glad you are well! :)

  3. Good for you giving yourself a little kick in the derriere, but don't overdo things, you have been resting up for a good reason! Fab painting, gorgeous colours :-) oh and I didn't know you went to the Exmoor thang, I don't suppose you know Jane Lewis? she goes too. She's my daughter in law's mum.

  4. oooh! I like this page very much! You did a great job using the watercolours. That's what I am into right now. ☺

    Glad that you are recovering well.xx

  5. 'The Three Witches' are very interesting. very good composed with colours and it is an interesting composition. I know from my experience that healing process takes time and happens in all aspects, not only physically but mentally as well. It is good that you set up challenges for yourself. Enjoy your creative and healing moments.

  6. This is one of the coolest journal pages ever. You've created such a lovely scene and the silhouettes of the witches add so much quirky interest. Fabulous work as always.
    As for the healing time, just remember to make time to... take things easy! Just one step at a time - and reviewing priorities is definitely something I should try doing too! lol :).

  7. Wonderful colours! I expect by the detail, that each friend will recognise themselves here :)
    Great humour!

  8. It's great to see you back in the swing of things.
    May I just say ... don't be too hard on've been through quite a lot (more than we even realize I'm sure) ... I started at #3 and swung down to #1 to see what you were up to = Good Stuff all of it!

  9. fab painting, I love the colours and silhouettes.