Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 11

They are dice.
Most people know of the usual 6 sided cube,
but for those who play D&D or other fantasy games,
there's a whole array of multi sided dice.
This is a standard set;
d4 - purple
d6 - red
d8 - blue
d10 - green
d12 - yellow
d20 - orange
d% - white

So there you have it,
you learn something new every day.

Vedar - Half-elf neutral good ranger


  1. drank two cups of tea catching up... you have been a busy beaver... love the challenge and you are drawing really well... love these dice... they are tough to draw... keep it up and hope you didn't have to break open the beefeater!!!

  2. i KNEW it!! it came to me, hours later, whilst staring out of the window...Dungeons and Dragons...

    score one, if somewhat belated, geek/nerd point. woot!

    yes..VERY hard to are brill.