Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 13

Play day at the Cubby Hole today, so there's been plenty of creativity
(in amongst the gossip, tea and cake).

The book covers are finished and have a nice shabby copper look
I just need to put together the signatures and bind it all together.
I may also have managed to talk myself into running a workshop at some point
(one of these days I'll learn to shut up).

I also came away with a couple of hand made cards, including a C*******s card
(I'll never hear the end of that, will I?)

I'm now off to take a wander around the blogs,
with a beer, cheese & crackers and some Dr. Feelgood.
(the scary dude in black is Wilko Johnson, one of the greatest guitarists around
and now known as Ser Ilyn Payne)


  1. Sounds like you had a good day.. sorry I missed it. :(
    By the way the food at the D.O.G. was great! all our meals were fine.

  2. What? Not allowed to access your video feed from my country? Such censorship! :) Journal covers continue to be shaping into things of beauty. Can't wait to see their book form.

  3. Like your book covers and affects you got on them :)