Thursday, 5 November 2015

Playtime is over

Didn't have a huge amount of time last night, so just added the details to this one.


  1. I was really taken with the first version that you shared.
    The way your collaged papers show through the paint is brilliant looking like you added all of the text on top of the paint!
    Your detailing here looks really great Nigel!!!

  2. Wow - great colors and depth!

  3. Sometimes we need that extra day to tweak a piece and make it the way we want it. I'm with Patty. The depth of this is amazing.

  4. sometimes simple is good. I love this. The color and the composition :)

  5. I like this one a lot--the different diagonals superimposed over the faint grid, the organic irregularity of the dragon's shape in contrast to all the straight lines, the vivid colors, and the way the dragon's expression looks both cheerful and sinister (to me, anyway)!

    I *am* missing one piece of context, though--I don't recognize the object in the upper right. Care to enlighten me?

    Thanks for being such an active contributor to AEDM--I really appreciate both your art and your comments!

    1. It's a Viper Mk III fighter from Elite (the inspiration behind the 'Into the void' poem). Some of the background scraps that show through are notes of star systems and waypoints for getting around the galaxy.

      Thanks for the comments, always glad to get feedback :)