Saturday, 14 November 2015

Nothing much today

With events unfolding in Paris, 
this all seems rather trivial, 
but life has to go on, 
otherwise the extremists have won.

The beginning of an idea.
One page with background,
and one with a quick sketch.
I'll work on combining them,
whilst I look for a canvas that's the right size


  1. That background is what I want to learn to create. This looks like the absolute PERFECT nearly complete abstract art I would love to make. I hope you'll share how you created it, because the way you moved the colors into place was simply perfect. Did I mention perfect?

    On a somber note, I'm so glad you also mentioned Paris, and how these animals must NEVER be allowed to win!

    1. Step 1. Apply a layer of gesso with an old membership/credit/debit card. Don't worry about perfect coverage, it's the gaps and texture that count.
      Step 2. When dry, add some acrylic paint and work in with a roller, up/down and side to side.
      Simples :)

  2. These are beautiful first steps to a complete piece. I have yet to get into gesso and stuff, for now I'll stick to drawing/painting or Photoshop :)

  3. looking forward to see what becomes of this :)

  4. I have trouble getting something creative from my hands this weekend too... it seems trivial indeed to 'play with paint' when Europe is on fire but you are right, live goes on and we have to try and stay positive... but it's difficult sometimes. I'm glad you posted your art anyway, and what a beautiful background that is! Keep on going man, keep on rockin' in the free world!