Saturday, 21 November 2015

99 luftballons

Another recycled canvas,
this was inspired by a song on the radio today
which I haven't heard for a while
but it took me back to living in Germany in the early 80s.

Apart from the balloon, this has been created without using brushes
just an old plastic card and some kitchen roll.
If you're wondering why there's two images,
I couldn't decide which I preferred.
The one on the left is with flash.

And this is the song.
The original is much better than the Anglicised version '99 red balloons'


  1. I really love both versions and I can't believe you created it without brushes! Awesome! Enjoyed the music as well. Great post!

  2. I was as stunned as Maron, because my plastic cards don't work that well. They certainly would never be able to create anything so beautiful and poignant. I guess I need to have a good talk with my plastic cards and see if that helps them make better art (grin).

  3. I bet the song will be in the Top 2000 this year... you could submit this piece to my blogparty then ;) I LOVE both the song ánd your art. I think I prefer the left (blue) one but I'm not sure either...

  4. These are awesome! I like them both--for different reasons. I am definitely not skilled enough to make a "cityscape" with a key card. This is great, Nigel!