Tuesday, 10 November 2015

It's ok! I've got it covered..............

It wouldn't be AEDM if I didn't do at least one handmade book.

Remember the painted paper from a couple of days ago?
Well, they've been through the printer and have some of my verses added
(on the non-painted side)
and are now inside a nice fabric coated cover.

It's worked so that each poem faces a painted sheet,
and I'll work through it from time to time and add to the painted pages.
Stencils, masks, stamps and anything else that seems to fit the words.


  1. Earlier today I was thinking about creating a book (or two) during this year's art every day month! The way ideas flit about my head, your creativity and posting are solidifying the concept!

  2. PS - I really like what I see here! Bravo!

  3. Cool idea! I'd love to try this...

  4. I see you are another person who's not afraid to use their printer when there's paint involved. I have a tendency to print on the painted side, though. Your book looks lovely and I know you are going to enjoy it, especially since it will remind you of AEDM, 2015.

  5. Love, love, love this! I might 'steal' your ideaa of printing some pages and work on it some more.