Saturday, 28 September 2013

In case of emergency........

Some of you may remember this from a few weeks back.

Well, I decided to use the idea for a couple of birthday presents at work.
Except one of the ladies doesn't drink,
and the other is a self-confessed chocaholic!
Oh well, adapt and overcome as they say........

I hope they don't get desperate,
there's no chocolate in there!

(It was in a separate goodie bag)


  1. No chocolate inside? ??? That's not right, what kind of emergency equipment is that? ?? Lol. Fabulous gifts and a great concept. Now, what would you put inside the frame for a self confessed craftoholic? :-) x

  2. brilliant!!! i'm relieved that the chocolate was to be had in a separate parcel...that would be too cruel...;)