Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 25 (part II)

Well done to Freda for spotting yesterday's deliberate mistake.
(that's my story, and I'm sticking to it).

Well, here we are.
Day 25
The end.

Somehow I've managed to blog everyday,
create (nearly) every day
and get myself back on track.

So, what has the final day's creativity been?
Two hand made books.

These will be in the post later in the week
(need to add the inserts yet)
and then finish off two more.
I'm not saying who these are for,
you'll have to wait and see if one lands on your doormat.

So, what now?
Well, I'm hoping to keep the creativity going, and the blogging,
but at a slightly slower pace.
I still need to get the Reiki lessons sorted,
and there's a pile of reading to be done too.
Last but not least, I've added an "About me" page to the blog,
so I need to try and put something intelligible on that.
Feel free to ask questions/make suggestions.

Thanks for your support and your comments,
it's been an interesting few weeks.
And I get to do it all again in November (AEDM).


  1. Gorgeous books! It is quite an accomplishment to blog for so many consecutive days, Nigel. Now that you've reminded me about AED Month I'm getting excited about it. Although I do remember it being a lot of work last year it was also such a great way to jump start my creativity. I'm of to scroll through your latest entries...always so much to enjoy here!

  2. It's such a joy to see you crafting and blogging again, just make sure to make some time for proper resting, too! lol Fabulous books BTW! :):)