Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 24

The penultimate day!
Nothing too spectacular to show off today.
I added some shading to yesterday's sketch,
but it looks exactly the same when I took a picture.
Ho hum.

Then a bit of playing with pencils.
Into the deep unknown
 This is kind of a place holder for a painting that's brewing in my brain.

But most of today's efforts have been spent on the latest circle journal page.
The theme of this one is Vintage Chic,
and there's some great pages full of lace and fabric.
Surprise, surprise - I struggled.
It really isn't my thing at all,
but life would be boring if their was nothing to challenge us.
In the end I managed to find some Victorian uniform design and photographs,
and made a uniform cuff from an old trouser leg and some braid.
A couple of regimental badges from my stash, and there you have it, a vintage page.
I can't blog is at it may spoil the surprise.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Replies
    1. I think I'm getting demob happy!

      I've updated it

  2. your playing into the deep unknown is good Nigel...there is already a story there I feel!

    it will be fun to see your vintage chic creation...
    challenges are really good for helping us stretch our creative muscles

    Happy rest of the weekend to you

  3. So nostalgic and fragile, what a piece!