Saturday, 14 September 2013

In the deepwood

This is another piece inspired by something at the last gathering.
We had a discussion on faeries/the fae/little folk.
Now, I don't know what they are, but I suspect that they're not nice cutesy flower fairies.
I imagine they're more like the Sídhe/Sìth of Gaelic mythology.

One of the regular features of the old tales is mysterious lights in the forest,
accompanied by wondrous music,
and that's what I've tried to capture in this canvas.
I'm not sure if it's complete yet, I may add a little more detail.

And now I'll let you into a secret.
The real thing doesn't look like the image above, 
it looks like this.
I hadn't noticed when I was taking the pictures that a faint beam of sunlight was shining across it. It only became apparent when I loaded the images onto the PC.
Or maybe it was the little folk.......


  1. i'm entirely in you may have gathered...;) -- the Good Folk are, i believe, more inclined toward mischief and malevolence than glitter and rainbows...

    LOVE your piece...and i do believe the beam of sunlight is a nod of approval...


  2. And there was me thinking you had painted that shaft of light just perfectly:) Still a nice piece even without the light.

  3. nice piece, have to admit though I prefer it with the light :)it adds to the enchantment.

  4. These little folks get everywhere, they must like your painting and just wanted to help.

  5. Very nice, Nigel. What a beautiful effect that beam of light has on your painting, although I think it was lovely already...very mysterious, indeed. You are really on a roll! Keep it up!

  6. Ahhh... you have little folk in your house Nigel - no doubt about it! I love how they shine their lights... but look out for spells now my friend!

  7. this is fabulous Nigel... and that beam of light! Enchanting, to say the least.
    i love the subjects you choose for your paintings + journal pages. THANK YOU for sharing! xox

  8. beautiful and mysterious.....

  9. I enjoyed the surprise of where the beam of light came from! Thanks for visiting Bridgit's Bell.

  10. This is a great piece I really love the mood you created. And I love how the fae are playing and creating with you! (ps. I left you a reply on my blog about the tea)

  11. I like those trees, composition, set up and final effect. Well done. It is an inspiring piece. Thank you for sharing


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