Saturday, 21 September 2013

Another book

Feel free to shout if you're getting bored with these.
(There is other stuff going on, but it's even more boring than the books)
I didn't even make this one, it was an ordinary notebook that somebody gave me.
With a sort of pink and brown stripey look.

It's now covered in texture paste and copper paint.
It's also in a jiffy bag, going somewhere.

So that's about it, 
the highlight of my week is an altered notebook.
Living the dream or what?

I'm off to gesso a couple of canvases.
Hopefully the excitement won't be too much for me.....


  1. Ha! Life can't be all that boring. Might be time to break out the tequila and castanets! Love the book. Great idea to use the copper paint with the texture paste. Did you add the arrowhead bookmark as well? Love that. - j

  2. well an altered book sounds like a highlight to me ;)

  3. *kermit flail*

    hahahahahaha!!! feeling very smug and fortunate. and yes, it WAS the highlight of my day...nay, my WEEK!! letterbox joy! truly, the barbed wire is so very perfect, you can't imagine...



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