Monday, 2 September 2013

Day 19

....and the challenge is back!

I've returned from camp, relaxed, recharged, raring to go and full of ideas.
It was great to meet up with friends (and make some new ones).
First night fire (just a small one)
Anyone for soup?

This is the current state of the creative area (aka dining table)

There's four canvases and three books on the go, hopefully they'll be finished by the end of this week, which will  be the end of the challenge, as I'm back to a five day week next week.


  1. ooh cooking on a fire wonderful memories of an all in stew my friend used to make in a huge pot on the fire and she fed my 5 kids her 5 kids the corresponding adults and anyone else who happened past. Was delicious.

  2. Aww looks lovely there hun. Glad u had a good time. Whats a challenge? Is it like one of them desert island things you showed me? xx

  3. Good luck with your challenge and it is great that you topped up your creative energy. Enjoy creating!