Sunday, 6 October 2013


Yes, I pray*
It's part of my morning ritual.
Up, showered, dressed and more or less awake.
Then a short Reiki session,
fresh water on the altar
a few minutes of quiet contemplation,
and finish with a prayer to my deities.
It sets me up for the day ahead.

The words have developed over the years and are not rigid.
What you see here is the core of it,
but I'll frequently throw in extra bits
ask for help for friends
or a little guidance with something that needs sorting.

Blessed Be isn't something I would normally use,
but in this case it seems to fit the flow of the words,
so that's good enough for me.

The frame started as a cheap pine picture frame.
I think it was 2 for 49p
It's been layered with gesso and black acrylic,
and then a few layers of silver acrylic
applied before the black had dried
to give the pewter effect.

*This may come as a shock to some people!


  1. A shock? sort of but not completely:)

  2. I love your prayer. I pray too.

  3. i think the word "prayer" has a bit of a.....connotation for some folk -- used to have for me. then i realized that prayer is the most natural thing in the world...

    so no, not at all surprised, do it often myself.

    i love your words...simple, yet profound.


  4. no, this is not a shock for me but a beautiful statement. Thank you for sharing and it is 'cool' that you pray everyday. It is really inspiring.