Thursday, 24 September 2009

Make up your own title for this one....

I think I'm going to blame the music (Yes) or the cheese.

This is my entry for the latest swap over at Gothic Arches. The current theme is Bows. I'll admit that my initial reaction wasn't exactly enthusiastic - in case you hadn't noticed I don't do cute.

Fortunately, I can do weird :)


  1. oh dear, I can imagine how you felt when presented with 'bows' lol! but you have done wonders, they look like butterflies! great card ;o)

  2. Well, if that's weird...I'm loving' weird!!! :)
    Fab arch! x

  3. OMG Nigel ... this is n't weird ... it's wonderful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly bows!

  4. Love your " bow..terflies", your arch looks great!

  5. Oh, I think that you do 'cute' very well!
    Your arch is lovely and I love the idea of turning the bows into little 'flutterflies'

  6. Nigel
    your arch is happy that you played along even though the theme wasn't your thing! the arch is beautiful :)