Sunday, 6 September 2009

Taking stock

A long time ago (I think it was Tuesday) I said I was aiming to get a project done each day while I was on leave. Today is the last day. Looking back I've managed a set of ATCs, a CJ page, a canvas, an arch, and two pages in the 'Wheel of the year' book (plus assembling it). I'm not sure if the book counts as 1 item or two, but just to be on the safe side I've managed to complete another set of ATCs (Viva Las Vegas!).
Unfortunately it's back to work tomorrow so crafty output will be back to normal :(. I'm going to have to do better with the lotto numbers!


  1. Fab ATCs and I have thoroughly enjoyed your crafty output during your holiday ... here's hoping your first Monday back at work will be kind to you!

  2. Gee, it's been ages since I came for a visit and you've been soooooo busy, both craft wise and travel!! Tuesday seems a long time ago for me too!! lol :)
    Have loved catching up and reading about all your latest adventures, and I have my fingers tightly crossed that your job is safe x
    Your crafting projects are all fabulous! Loving your 'wheel' covers and also the Arch...brilliant!
    Life has been hectic here what with poorly parents, school holidays and eldest DD returning home to live! Never a dull moment, lol, thank heavens for crafting :)
    Take care and hope tomorrow is a good day x

  3. Such a lot of fab crafting since I last looked - shame you have to go back to work! x

  4. well done on achieving your resolution! hope work's going OK ;o) keep well, Nettie

  5. thanks for comments on my DIL's drawings Nigel, I know what you mean about cute as I have been adamant that I don't either, until someone gave me the stamps they didn't want and now I am hooked on these wretched Magnolias! I keep saying I'll do no more . .then I think, maybe one and so it goes; so many friends do them, so it's like having people around who smoke when trying to give up I imagine! but there's cute and there's cute and those drawings would, as you say, make a wonderful children's book, there's a difference isn't there: sorry for long post, feel free to delete!! have a great weekend.